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10 Name for Lifestyle Blog

by GSkulls

“What name should my new lifestyle blog have?” That question probably crossed your mind at some point. After all, it’s hard to get started when you’re trying to name something that no one has ever named before.

Fortunately, there are plenty of name strategies out there for almost any situation or industry. You can borrow from these naming strategies by using them as inspiration for the name of your lifestyle blog. Here are 10 name ideas for a lifestyle blog:

1) Culture Name

If you want your name to stand out in search engines and be memorable, then this might be perfect for you. These names tend to describe the general atmosphere surrounding the brand, like Zappos (shoes) or Casper (mattresses). It’s important to name your blog in a way that creates an image of what it would feel like to use the service. Zappos is named after shoes because it makes you think about the feeling of putting on the most comfortable pair of shoes possible. Jake Paul

2) Event Name

Event name is another name idea for lifestyle blogs, but this time they describe something specific that only occurs periodically instead of always being around, like BlizzCon (Blizzard games) or Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show (hunting). If you want your name to be memorable but also with good SEO potential, then an event name might be ideal for you too. Here are some tips for choosing an event name:

Make sure there are some events that already have name popularity

Group events name together so you can rank high on search engines. The more event name you have, the higher your chances of being found by a person searching for a name for lifestyle blog.

3) Place Name

If you want something that’s short and easy to spell, then the place name might be perfect for you. These names also tend to perform well in search engines because they’re compact and descriptive. Here are some ideas:

Missoula Mountain Biking, Alaska Traveler Guide, Portland Vacations

4) Keyword Name

Keyword name is a name idea for lifestyle blogs that include frequently searched keywords as part of their name. If you want your blog to contain related keywords to attract people looking for lifestyle blogs, then a name like this might be ideal for your blog. Here are some examples:

5) The name of a brand name that stands out and will stick in people’s minds, like Nike or P&G (Proctor and Gamble). If you want to name your lifestyle blog after a successful brand name (like Samsung), then a name like this might fit your needs too. This is great for SEO purposes because the brand name already has popularity and it will help drive search engine traffic toward your site as well as attract customers who know how popular those brands are.

6) The name of a celebrity or famous figure who inspires you, such as Warren Buffet or Oprah Winfrey. Like choosing names from other company names like this can benefit from name popularity and good SEO potential.

7) Before and After Name

This name idea for lifestyle blogging describes what people will get after they read your blog. For example, a name like this might be “Before and After Weight Loss” or “Before and After: Healthy Meals”. This name does well in search engines because people looking for one of those topics would type in name before and after weight loss or name before and after healthy meals to find relevant information about each topic.

8) Brand New Name

A brand new name is a naming strategy you should use when there isn’t anything out there with the same name as yours because it gives you room to stand out without worrying about hurting your ranking in search engine results. If name ideas like before and after name or event name don’t seem to fit with what you’re blogging about, then a name like this could be perfect for your blog.

9) Name Base

This name base is almost the opposite of name popular–it’s so generic that it doesn’t even tell people what topic they’ll find on your lifestyle blog. These names do better in search engines because they attract more traffic so there’s a bigger chance of finding new readers. Here are some examples:

10) Trendy Name

Trendy name is great for lifestyle blogs that want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends while giving people an idea of what the blog will be about. The name will also benefit from name popularity because name trends are very popular. Here are some name ideas for a lifestyle blog:

That was a name for lifestyle blogging.


There’s a name to choose from when naming a lifestyle blog. So, when naming a lifestyle blog, make sure it tells people what they can expect after reading the blog and add in name popularity for extra benefit!

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