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How to Overcome Depression in Five Easy Steps

by GSkulls

Have you ever felt that depression is a cloud over your mind and heart that doesn’t let you live life to the fullest? This guide will give you five tried-and-tested ways to stop depression and start enjoying life again.

Let’s roll!

1) Exercise for depression

This may seem like an unrelated topic, but it’s not. Scientific research shows that depression is often linked to a lack of physical activity. In fact, your doctor might already have advised you to get more exercise in order to feel better!

Exercise helps depression for several reasons:

– – it helps clear negative thoughts from your mind because you’re distracted by physical activity. Exercise also releases endorphins that help you feel outstanding

– – it helps relieve depression-related pain, especially in your back and joints

2) Smile for depression

Even if this seems so simple, it can’t work; believe me when I say that depression makes us lose the ability to laugh and smile. But depression also makes us lose the ability to feel the joy from those things too! So here’s what you do:

– – first, take a look at a picture of a baby laughing or making cute faces. If that doesn’t work out, watch a funny movie or youtube video. The more often you do that, the more accustomed your mind will be to laughing and smiling

– – every time you feel depression creeping in, force a smile. If nothing else works, try asking yourself, “What’s there to be sad about?”. Seriously? Nothing! And if even that doesn’t bring a smile to your face, fake it till you make it!

3) Keep a depression journal

Depression can be very confusing, and we all know it. You don’t feel like doing anything, so you just lay in bed and stare at the wall all day long. But what you might not realize is that depression doesn’t always come out of the blue. Sometimes depression sneaks in when you’re already feeling wrong about something. So keeping a depression journal is the best way to keep depression at bay because it prevents depression from sneaking up on you.

– – what’s in your depression journal? Anything that makes you feel sad, worried, or anything that might trigger depression! Listening to sad songs, watching sad movies, etc.

– – depression journals are also great for helping you find the depression triggers and deal with depression better. You’ll start understanding what sets off depression, and there you go! That’s half the battle won!

4) Use supplements to stop depression:

We’re all different, and we all have depression for various reasons. So depression relief supplements are the best way to find depression relief because they consider all this.

– – if you don’t know what depression relief supplement would suit you, here’s an idea: try them all! You can always see which one works better than the others

– – also, depression relief supplements are not drugs, so you don’t have to worry about depression relief side effects!

5) Find a depression relief buddy

Depression can be very lonely. A depression relief buddy is someone who shares your depression goals and experiences with you, which makes it easier for both of you to stick to those goals and overcome depression.

– – depression relief buddies should be people who understand depression. If you’re not sure if this person is the right depression relief buddy for you, here’s an idea: try it! Sometimes depression can make us forget that other people are human beings too

So there you have it—the truth about depression. Don’t let depression win!

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