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10 Weird Signs When A Woman Really Loves You

by GSkulls
woman really loves you
Love is a beautiful sensation that can make you a complete person in life. It can fill your life with happiness but, most importantly, gives a purpose to live. When a woman loves you, she does not approach him straightforwardly and tells you instead shows signs she truly loves you. With this, she hopes her man to understand those signs & make a move.

Sometimes those signs are too weird to comprehend & remain unnoticed which, is not good. But, how to tell if a girl likes you?

Here are the 10 weird signs when a woman really loves you. These are the most standard ones that a woman usually shows. And if you find them in your girl, do not miss the chance to let her go away.



woman really loves you

It is no wonder that a woman is known for kind-hardheartedness, love & care. But, when she finds a man of her dreams, her care, love & emotions boost to another level, almost like a loving mother.

You may find her stressing about you throughout the day if you are okay, doing well & not having any problem. If you are sick, she may try to recommend you to take your medication & avoid eating junk foods & drinks.

If you are stuck in heavy rainfall, she might notify you about the news update about the rain or even pick you up from the road by her car.

It seems disturbing at the start, but once you discover her intent behind it, you will start to respect her from the heart. It is not like she wants to dominate you but, since you have now cultivated a special place in her heart, your care means everything to her.



woman really loves you

What does it mean when your girlfriend ignores you? It is a sure sign that she looks down upon you & certainly, will not love you. But, if you notice the odd behavior of your girlfriend whenever you talk to your colleague or cousin etc.

She may seem angry, behave rudely with you or leave the premises where you are. Do not get baffled by it. It is a sign exhibiting she does not accept your engagement with another girl. And this is also one of the weird signs when a girl really loves you.

It is in the instinct of every woman that she cannot stand the feeling of being shared. Although you do not have any such intent, this is what love makes her feel inside. And it feels to her that you will be getting engaged with her in the future.

If you see this in your woman, congratulations, she has fallen in deep love with you. I admit it is one of the weird signs of a woman’s love. You should always respect this feeling because this is the one girl who loves you more than anybody does now.




If your girl has fallen in love with you, one surprising sign is that she will remember every bit of detail about you that even you forget. Like, what dress you sported last week while attending a wedding ceremony, what time you came home last Saturday, etc.

Because now your girlfriend is emotionally attached to you, she will notice your likes & dislikes whether it be about your favorite color, dress, which food you love the most & what you do in leisure time.

It means you are lucky to have such a compassionate girl by your side who not only knows details about you but even respects them. It will also seem awkward to you because you are not aware of her hidden intentions but once you know she is fond of you, try getting close to her as soon as possible before it’s too late.



You understood it correctly. If you are the man of her dreams, she will find every way to stay longer with you, to feel you closer to her. And the best way for her will be quickly hopping on various topics.

She may do this for two most rational reasons. One, she will want to hang out more with you to feel happy. The second reason is that you do not get bored with a topic gone too far. Because if you get bored, you will find a way to evade her & do something else or mingle with others.

It will be unacceptable to her. So she will change topics to hang out longer with you. She may choose to start talking about your favorite topics that catch your attention & focus on her. Pretty clever right?



Does her friend know about you? Have any of her friends approached you & said your girl speaks a lot about you with us? If that is the case, it is also one way how to know if a girl is serious about you.

She will familiarize you with her friends, her pets & vice versa. She will keep you almost in her every post. She might even go a step further & invite you to a family-gathering dinner with her parents. It is one of the rock-solid & the biggest signs that she is in love with you.

Since now you attain a respectable position in her heart, she must include you in every part of her life. And knowing this, you must also appreciate her feelings because her love is pure for you.



There is a famous saying that a good friend is the one who will inform you when you are wrong. It is also true for a loving woman to whom you are everything now.

It does not mean she always seeks faults in you to pinpoint them right away. But it means that she loves you to the extent that she does not want you to feel embarrassed in front of the world. So to keep you away from any upcoming disappointments, she will always ask you to correct yourself.

Yes, it may seem like a weird behavior from her & you might not like it at first, but later, you will find out that eventually, she is doing a big favor to you & your life.



Nobody is perfect in this world & you know it very well. If someone does not like you, no matter how sincere you are to that person or in nature, it is no use.

But when a woman really loves you, she will accept you for who you are, no matter what. That does not include agreeing to your bad habits. It’s your nature, your looks, & most importantly, financial status.

You might think weird of her & may conclude she is playing with you, and you may be right. But a loving woman will prove to you in time that you are only mistaken.

Whatever you have right now, she is ready to accept you & love you unconditionally. It is something not found in every girl so try to love her & treat her at the same level.




It has been a well-known fact that men love a woman with a slight taste of attitude. But why does she do that? It may be to get your attention & focus on herself.

Yes, it is one of the 10 weird signs when a woman really loves you but, some women find it pretty reasonable to act like that. Whenever you receive nagging & repeated criticism from a woman telling you to invest in a relationship, this is one of the weirdest signs that a girl loves you secretly.

See her criticisms with a different eye & you might find out another interesting fact when a woman tells you she loves you.



Whenever you are receiving unnecessary calls or messages from a woman on lame issues & discussions, then remember, she wants to get very close to you & share with you literally everything in her life. And it may also be one of the signs a woman is falling in love with you.

Now you must be thinking some best friends do that either, & you are right. But this will go the extra mile, in the case of the woman who loves you, because she will start calling or texting you maybe after every 10-15 minutes & talking to you for long hours.

She wants you to know everything about her & she may also be expecting the same from you. If you fail to meet her expectation at the same level, she may get very angry with you, & in the worst case, break the relationship.



Another answer to how to know when a woman really loves you is her laughing at almost everything you say. No matter what you say or how bland your jokes are, you will find her most of the time laughing at your jokes.

You will immediately start noticing her & saying why does she always laughs when I say something. That is because of her love.

According to LoDolce, a love strategist, humor in the relationship is a sign of positivity. Every joke you crack, whether how infamously corny they are if she giggles on those jokes or sometimes converses with you with playful banter, it is a sure-fire chance that she is in love with you.






Now, since you know all the 10 weird signs when a woman really loves you, & if you find those signs within your woman, congratulations, you are a lucky guy.

So what will be your next step? Take the move, go to her & tell her what is in your heart. If she is in love with you, saying you love her too will fill her life with happiness.

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